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Elevate Your Dota 2 Journey: Explore Our Premium Services

MMR Boost
Elevate your ranking and conquer the competitive ladder with our expert MMR Boost service. Reach new heights in Dota 2 and unlock the true potential of your gameplay.
Calibration Boost
Kickstart the season with confidence and a favorable MMR placement. Secure a strong foundation for your journey ahead with our efficient Calibration Boost service.
Low Priority Removal
Free yourself from the confines of low priority and enjoy regular matchmaking once again. Reclaim your Dota 2 freedom with our reliable Low Priority Removal service.
Battle Cup Boost
Conquer the weekly Dota 2 Battle Cup with our top-tier boosters. Unlock exclusive rewards and lead your team to victory in this thrilling tournament with our Battle Cup Boost service.
Behavior Score Boost
Transform your Dota 2 experience with improved behavior and sportsmanship. Elevate your behavior score and foster a positive gaming environment with our Behavior Score Boost service.
Level up your skills and knowledge with personalized coaching from seasoned players. Unleash your full potential in Dota 2 with our expert guidance and tailored coaching sessions.
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Seeking Exceptional Boosting Services? Here's Why We Stand Out

Offline & Anonymous
Our booster will appear offline, so no one from your friend list will be able to notice our boosting process.
Safe & Secure
We always implement strict security measures to protect your account and personal information so your account will be totally safe with us.
Money Back Guarantee
We provide a 100% money-back guarantee on all orders. Get a complete refund in case of any issue with service.
Affordable Pricing
Our competitors are charging too high for similar services with no additional benefits. We are providing services at pocket-friendly prices.
Fast Turnaround Time​
Based on your order details, we will complete your order as early as possible. Our booster start to work on your order in 5-8 minutes after confirmation.​
Expert Boosters​
We have a team of skilled and experienced boosters worldwide who will play games on your account to increase the rankings.
Players who do not have time to achieve higher ranks can hire our boosters and easily increase their rankings.
Exceptional Customer Service
Providing top-notch customer service is our top priority. We respond to all client inquiries, concerns, or service-related queries in less than 6 minutes.
Access Higher-Level Games
You can gain access to higher-level games and play with more skilled and higher-ranked players after boosting.
Get set up & start your Dota 2 boosting order in less than 2 minutes

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Select the Desired Service

Choose from our range of boosting services, including MMR, Calibration, LP Removal, Battle Cup, Behavior Score Boosting, and Coaching. Select the order details, select "Role Queue" & "Server," and opt for any additional services. Click on "Add to Cart" button.

Enter Personal & Billing Details

Share your name, country, email address, and communication ID (Discord, Skype, or Telegram). Choose your payment method from Stripe & PayPal, enter card details, and click on "Place Order" button.

Sit Back & Enjoy

Upon order confirmation, you'll receive an email. Our team will contact you on Discord/Skype/Telegram to connect you with your booster for real-time updates. Achieve your gaming goals with ease!
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Dota 2 Boosting

Welcome to Game Boosting Service - Your Ultimate Destination for Elevating Gaming Excellence!

Fed up with the frustration of being stuck in Dota 2 with the lower tier on the competitive ladder? Do you find yourself yearning for a breakthrough that always appears to be out of reach? Maybe you are looking for that rush of adrenaline from achieving higher MMRs, basking in the Battle Cup victories, and cherishing the satisfaction of conquering the challenges the game has to offer.

Well, your search is over. Here at Game Boosting Service (GBS), we proudly present the solution to your problem. GBS is the ultimate haven for Dota 2 enthusiast who seeks to turn their gaming dreams into reality. 

With our unparalleled Dota 2 Boosting, we are dedicated to lifting your account from the deep shadows of stagnation to the glorious heights of triumph. Say goodbye to all the limitations and embrace a gaming experience like never before, where every aspiration is met with unparalleled dedication and expertise.

Why Opt for Game Boosting Service (GBS) for Dota 2 Boosting?

Elite and Accomplished Boosters:

At Game Boosting Service (GBS), we are proud to boast a roster of boosters who transcend unparalleled skill – they are seasoned veterans equipped with a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of the Dota 2 universe. Our boosters, handpicked via a rigorous selection process, bring more than just proficiency to the table. They offer a wealth of professionalism and experience that ensures a transformative journey through the Dota 2 universe.

Our accomplished boosters are not just players, they are tacticians, strategists, and masters at their game. Their expertise soars beyond the surface, delving deeper into the nuances of Dota 2 gameplay to provide you with an experience that elevates your skills and propels you to new heights, leading you in the competitive ranks. 

Choose Game Boosting Service (GBS) for Dota 2 boosting, and let the elite boosters redefine your gaming experience helping you unlock doors to success and achievement in the Dota 2 universe.

Rapid and Effective Service:

At Game Boosting Service (GBS), we know the urgency that is concurrent with your gaming goals. Our elite boosters don’t just recognize this, they also embrace it. Fueled by a passion for swift game progress and committed to excellence, they tirelessly work to make sure that every move made contributes to the acceleration of your journey. The emphasis here is not merely on speed but also on efficiency – delivering prompt results without compromising the integrity of the gaming account. 

Opting for Dota 2 boosting with GBS lets you embark on a quest leading to triumphant victories and elevated ranks with a seamless journey. Here at GBS, we not only promise speed but also a holistic experience where each step is carefully calculated to bring you closer to your gaming aspirations. The synergy between the expertise of our boosters and the gaming aspirations you have creates a pathway that is not only fast but also secure. This ensures that your account integrity remains intact throughout your climb to the top.

Fortified Security and Confidentiality:

At Game Boosting Service (GBS), we have an unwavering emphasis on the security of the gaming account. Our commitment to safeguard your personal information is visible in our boosters’ strict adherence to standards of confidentiality throughout the Dota 2 boosting process. With our dedication to privacy, our boosters operate with the utmost discretion to ensure that your personal details remain protected at all times.

To further fortify your security, we employ cutting-edge encrypted communication channels. This advanced technology acts as an additional layer of defense that guarantees that your sensitive information remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

Tailored Boosting Solutions:

Your Dota 2 journey is unique, and so are your goals. Whether you seek MMR boosting, calibration matches, or specific hero mastery, Game Boosting Service (GBS) provides customized Dota 2 boosting options to align with your distinct needs. Our boosters tailor their services to propel you towards your aspirations.

Our commitment extends further than just achieving your gaming goals. It encompasses providing you satisfaction and peace of mind when you know that your data and account are treated with the utmost care and security throughout the Dota 2 boosting process. Trust in Game Boosting Service (GBS) for an unparalleled combination of security, excellence, and confidentiality in every step of your Dota 2 boosting.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support:

At Game Boosting Service (GBS), we realize that concerns or questions can arise at any point in your Dota 2 boosting journey. That’s why, our dedicated customer support team is committed and available 24/7 to assist you. We are here to answer your queries about boosting services or if you need updates on your order.

Feel free to reach out to us and we promise friendly and prompt assistance throughout every phase of your Dota 2 boosting. 

Our Range of Dota 2 Boosting Services Includes:

MMR Boost

MMR (Matchmaking Rating) represents the player’s skills and is used to match with other players of similar skill levels in matchmaking. We offer top-notch Dota 2 MMR boost service for players to improve their rankings. Our boosting service will increase your MMR in no time.

Our boosters are highly skilled and have the desired MMR making them totally capable to boost your account. Our services are suitable for players who are stuck in lower ranks and want to improve their gameplay experience by playing alongside our experienced boosters.

Battle Cup Boost

The Battle Cup is a weekly tournament where a team of 5 players plays against each other. We offer Dota 2 Battle Cup boost service to players who are looking to increase their number of wins in the weekly Battle Cup Tournament.

Our services provide players the opportunity to play with top-ranked boosters who are very skilled in gameplay and know all tactics and strategies to win the Battle Cup. Winning the Battle Cup will allow you to achieve various rewards.

Hero Tier Boost

In Dota 2, each hero has specific strengths and weaknesses. Some heroes are considered more powerful than others. Our boosters allow you to improve the gameplay with specific heroes.

By hiring our Dota 2 Hero Tier Boost service, you can quickly improve the gameplay with a specific hero allowing you to climb the ranks in Dota 2. Our boosters will offer you tips on item build, skill build, team fighting, and more to help achieve your desired gameplay goals.

Calibration Boost

Players are required to play calibration matches at the start of a new season. Our Dota 2 Calibration boost service enables you to improve your initial MMR ranking after the game’s annual calibration period. Our boosters will play your calibration matches to improve higher initial MMR. Our boosters will provide valuable insights about gameplay strategies to start your new season with a strong rating.

Low-Priority Removal

In low priority, players are required to play in low priority pool due to a number of reasons such as failing to ready up, being reported for disruptive behavior by other players, or abandoning matches. We offer Dota 2 LP removal service to players who are placed in low priority matchmaking pool.

Our top boosters will allow you to quickly exit the low-priority pool. They will save you from the frustration of playing the low-priority pool and the negative impact it can have on your MMR ranking and overall gameplay experience. Our boosters will win matches quickly allowing you to return to normal matchmaking and resume playing with highly skilled players.

Behavior Score Boost

Dota 2 assigns behavior scores to players based on their communication with teammates, behavior in matches, reports for disruptive behavior, etc. We offer Dota 2 behavior score boost service to players who want to improve their behavior scores.

We have skilled boosters who will play on your account to avoid the negative impacts of low behavior scores like playing with other players with low behavior scores, longer queue time, etc.

Cavern Crawl Boost

Cavern crawl is an event in Dota 2 that requires players to complete a number of challenges by winning matches to unlock various items and battle points. Our boosters will complete these challenges for you and win a great number of matches.

Hiring our Dota 2 Cavern crawl boost service will enable you to save time and receive exclusive rewards in no time. Our boosters will maintain high win rates and unlock various rewards on your account.


Our professional boosters provide coaching services to players who want to get insights on game mechanics, hero picks, item builds, and various other gameplay strategies to win a great number of matches consistently. It will help you to improve your skills and knowledge of the game.

Our Dota 2 coaching service provides one-on-one coaching sessions where our boosters can review your gameplay, and provide feedback on areas where you are lacking. A number of helpful tips on hero pick, item builds, strategies, and team fights will surely help you to improve your gameplay, climb up the MMR ladder and achieve your desired rank.

How We Work:

Select Your Desired Service:

Navigate through our comprehensive Dota 2 boosting services and choose the one that aligns with your gaming goals and preferences.

Place Your Order:

Fill out a simple order form, providing the necessary details for our boosters to commence their work.

Track Your Progress:

Stay informed about your account’s progress by communicating directly with your booster for real-time updates.

Enjoy the Results:

Revel in the tangible improvement in your Dota 2 rank and skills as our boosters tirelessly work to fulfill your desired results.

Don’t let the constraints of your current Dota 2 standing hold you back! Entrust Game Boosting Service (GBS) to embark on a transformative journey through the Dota 2 universe. Secure your Dota 2 boosting service now and savor the exhilaration of ascending to new heights in the ranks!

Why Choose Game Boosting Service for Your Dota 2 Boosting Journey?

Choosing Game Boosting Service (GBS) for the Dota 2 boosting journey is not just a decision but the key to unlocking a gaming experience like no other. As you stand at the crossroads of aspiration and frustration within Dota 2, GBS emerges as the definitive solution giving you a tailored solution to success.

Opting for GBS means joining a team of accomplished and elite boosters who bring skill as well as strategic mastery that elevates your gameplay. Beyond the rank advancements and the victory rush, our boosters provide a transformative experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

The efficiency and speed embedded in our services ensure that your Dota 2 boosting journey progresses swiftly, without any compromise. GBS doesn’t just promise confidentiality and security; it embodies these principles, safeguarding your personal information with care and advanced encryption.

Your individuality is at the forefront of our services. Whether you wish to seek MMR boosting, calibration perfection, or mastery with specific heroes, GBS offers tailored solutions that align with your unique aspirations. Choosing Game Boosting Service (GBS) means choosing a gaming experience that mirrors your desires and preferences.

With 24/7 customer support, Game Boosting Service (GBS) is not just a service, rather we are your companions throughout your Dota 2 boosting service. From selecting your boost to savoring results, we ensure a satisfying and seamless experience.

In conclusion, choosing Game Boosting Service (GBS) is not just about reaching to higher ranking; it is about choosing security, excellence, and a personalized journey. Trust GBS to redefine your Dota 2 boosting, propelling you to new ranks, and opening doors to success.

Commonly Inquired Queries and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions


A professional or someone with a higher MMR caliber plays with you or on your account to help you achieve your higher ranks and gaming goals. This is termed as boosting.

Anything past 5k can be termed as a high MMR.

A rating between 800 to 1200 can be considered to be a good starting point.

We follow very strict security measures to make sure that both your account and personal information is safe with us. We use various encryption techniques and VPNs to secure your account. On top of that, we provide full 100% money back guarantee to every customer on all types of orders. 

Multiple Payment Options Available for Your Convenience

PayPal, Stripe, Skrill & All Major Debit/Credit Cards Accepted

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