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Things That Make Us the Best Platform to Work With as a Booster

Flexible Working Hours
Before assigning you any order, we will formally ask whether you are available to work on this order. You can then work on time slots that suit you.
Career Growth
We will increase your commission rate after the completion of a certain number of orders with us. So you earn more by working with us for a long period of time.
Tips & Bonuses
If you maintain good working relations & your performance is excellent, we will provide monthly tips and bonuses.
Direct Communication
You will be able to talk directly to customers to better understand their needs for a smooth boosting process.
Guidelines and Policies

Our Rules, Requirements, and Policies

To be a professional booster at GameBoostingService, we expect the following from our boosters:

  • To be a highly skilled & experienced booster with a proven track record. For example, to work as Dota 2 booster, we prefer players with at least 6000MMR. (Players with slightly low ranks/MMR etc can also apply as well)
  • Good English verbal & communication skills to interact with customers.
  • Ability to complete the orders by the given deadline. 
  • Behavior with customers should be very polite & professional. Any type of misbehavior with customers will result in the termination of the contract and imposing fines. 
  • Payouts will only be facilitated through PayPal.
  • Boosters belonging to any country with the required skillset are welcome to join us.
  • Once you accept any order, you will have to fulfill it at any cost. 
  • If you do over-boost or anything that results in banning the account of a customer, you will be responsible for it. 
  • We often give discounts to customers while making orders, so you will be paid according to the discounted price. The price will be communicated to you before the order confirmation.
  • You will have to provide a copy of any official document to verify your identity for transactions or other financial purposes.
  • There will be a final contract between us to regulate our relationship in terms of communication, professionalism, payment rules, and more if we select you after the interview.
Our Payment Brackets

You will get 35% of the total order price after completing the probation period.


You will get 40% of the total order price after completing the probation period.


You will get straight 45% of the total order price after completing the probation period.

* If you prove that you are experienced enough by submitting substantial and verifiable evidence, we can directly place you in TIER 2 or TIER 3 Payments bracket.

By working long-term with us, your commission will increase & you will also be eligible to get monthly tips & bonuses.

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Follow These 3 Easy Steps to Work With Us:

Fill out the Form
Fill out the job application form below. Provide all required details about you and your gaming experience and skills.
If you have provided accurate details, & we feel you have the required expertise to work with us, we will schedule a short interview with you.
Contract Signing
Upon successful interview completion, we will forward you the formal contract with all details so you can start working with us right away.
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